Fixed Access Networks

ICS Consulting Engineering offers a wide range of solutions produced by Alcatel-Lucent for fixed access through copper or optical media, in order to satisfy the growing need for ultra-fast transfer of data. We offer the fastest and most cost-effective solutions that fully satisfy the needs of end users.

Optical Access Networks

Using Alcatel-Lucent technical solutions, ICS Consulting Engineering helps you build the optical network of the future. With our solutions, you will always be one step ahead of the customer needs for larger bandwidth, combining our expertise in planning access networks and optical solutions from Alcatel-Lucent portfolio. Using our experience, we will reduce the risks for your business and improve the business case for your network.

Copper Access Networks

Using VDSL2 Vectoring solution by Alcatel-Lucent, you can get better performance from your existing copper DSL network. Leading operators around the world are using the VDSL2 Vectoring solution that allows speeds up to 100 Mbps on distances up to 600 meters, using the existing copper infrastructure.