Court Recording Systems

As representative of SRS (Special Recording Systems) from Ukraine, ICS Consulting Engineering offers court recording systems (SRS Femida) on the Balkans market.

The system for audio and video recording "SRS Femida" is innovative solution, designed for the judicial organs, which provides objective registration of the court events, by audio and video recording of the court and investigating proceedings  with 8 audio-channels and video cameras, enables high transparency, real-time creation of notes of the events with indications of the participants and the events of the court proceedings in chronological timeline. Although it enables simple and automatic creation of electronic and printed minutes, digitally signed, data creation for the case, audio and video recordings and minutes of the court proceeding.

A special part is protected witness subsystem that allows concealing the identity of a protected witness.

The entire operating system excludes the possibility of unauthorized access to the data recorded on the hard drive, using predefined templates for litiga

tion. Recorded court hearings CD / DVD can be played on any computer without installation of additional software.